How was the food?

7 reasons why food remains most important in Indian festivals


The food-crazy Indian is not a myth, it’s a delicious reality. The reason being that he is so much in love with his food that the remotest of eateries are frequented in order to satisfy his yearnig.

Festivals are a foodies’ dream come true as the most exotic and enticing delicacies are served during this time of the year. In a country like India, a community is busy celebrating one festival or the other round the clock, hence proving the adage that festivals and food are an Indian’s fantasy.

Here are 7 reasons why food remains one of the most important components of festivals in India:

Onam Food

  • Uniting communities since… forever

 Be it ‘Mutton Biryani’ for Eid or ‘Sadya’ for Onam, when the neighbour invites you home, you jump at the opportunity.

  • Keeps the celebration lit up

Festival Celebration in India

 Festivities call for celebrations, which require a massive amount of energy and what’s the best way to keep you going all day? You guessed it right, more great food, so eat to your heart’s content.

Sabudana Vada copy

  • A celebration is all about creating memories

 You get back home from a party, marriage reception or a banquet, what’s the first question your mom asks you? “How was the food?” The reason being, great memories are created amidst great food.


  • A food for every occasion 

India is a country that celebrates diversity like no other nation in the world. The reason why it is also home to the most number of foodies. In India there is a delicacy for every festival, be it Modaks for Ganesh Chaturti, Pongal for Til Laddoo, Moong Dal Bhajiya for Navrathri, or the famous Chole Bature for Baisakhi, we have it all. Getting hungry already?


  • A claim to fame 

“Dude, have you tried the Koliwada Fish Fry at Mini Punjab?”

All groups have that one guy who boasts of having been to all the eateries a city has to offer. Why?

Because food generates curiosity like nothing else does and a festival is no different…


  • Talk food and you have all ears 

All discussions regarding food are the most interesting and the most remembered. Why?

Because at the end of the day, we are all foodies that have come together to meet a single objective – eat good food – and festivals are the perfect premise.


  • The Sixth Sense? 

The mind associates festivals with the food that’s served along with it, because it caters to all the five senses at the same time. Remember the Kaju-Katlis and Motichoor Laddoos you had on Diwali?


A shout-out to all the foodies out there. Make the foodie community proud with your food explorations and celebrate the goodness of food, every day of your life.  Also, don’t forget to make the most of the festive season – the delicious food deserve it.