A Sneak Peek Into The Team Behind The Delicious Moments

There are many facets of a successful restaurant that often goes unnoticed. However, it is these essential components that goes into making the most delicious food and the most flavoursome of memories. Although there are perhaps far too many of them to cover, here are some glimpses that best describes the soul & heart of a restaurant.


They are the heroes that make our taste buds feel alive and satiate our palates. The work they do is mostly unseen but every patron knows for a fact that they are the real essence of their delicious sojourn. Ultimately their greatest driving force is their sheer passion towards the culinary art and the delight on the face of a pleased customer.


  • Picture Perfect: In hospitality, teamwork & skill go hand in hand. It’s a game that amalgamates the performance of the entire team to deliver you and your family an experience to cherish that borders on perfection. 


  • A Minute Skill: It takes immense amount of skill, patience and an eye for detail to make it big in this industry and to see a ‘curve’ on your face. The art so precise, it’s a science of the delectable.


  • A Smile Says More: The dedication and commitment of the ‘soldiers of the delicious’ are the driving force of the organisation and are the ones who leave a lasting impression on you, be it the exemplary service, the helpful word, or just a welcoming smile. So smile, the world if a better place cos of it.


  • Innovation Everyday: These ‘suited-up’ professionals appreciate the fine line between the subtle and the flare. The need to be innovative and sophisticated is a talent they have gained mastery over. ‘Change’ is good here, trust us, and have a blazing time of bliss. 


  • Creativity Galore:  If necessity is the mother of invention then creativity must be a friend. When this duo of dexterity create magic with their concoctions, you will be hooked in its awe-inspiring spell.


Artistry: For an artist flamboyance and grace comes naturally.  The zeal and enthusiasm shown towards the craft is second nature, and not forced. Ask him and he’ll tell you how it’s done. Pointer  – Works without music too.



Flavour Personified  – If you truly love what you do it is more than obvious. It is therefore clearly the reason that their greatest satisfaction is when they hear how delicious the food is. So now that you know, if you truly enjoyed their food, why not give them a shout-out.

Like we said, there are many more moments that we look forward to share with you over the coming days, yet in the meantime, whenever you visit your favourite restaurant or are giving a new place a try, give a thought to all those working behind the scenes to make your day not only good but spectacular. Happy food everyone. Go make it delicious!

7 reasons why food remains most important in Indian festivals


The food-crazy Indian is not a myth, it’s a delicious reality. The reason being that he is so much in love with his food that the remotest of eateries are frequented in order to satisfy his yearnig.

Festivals are a foodies’ dream come true as the most exotic and enticing delicacies are served during this time of the year. In a country like India, a community is busy celebrating one festival or the other round the clock, hence proving the adage that festivals and food are an Indian’s fantasy.

Here are 7 reasons why food remains one of the most important components of festivals in India:

Onam Food

  • Uniting communities since… forever

 Be it ‘Mutton Biryani’ for Eid or ‘Sadya’ for Onam, when the neighbour invites you home, you jump at the opportunity.

  • Keeps the celebration lit up

Festival Celebration in India

 Festivities call for celebrations, which require a massive amount of energy and what’s the best way to keep you going all day? You guessed it right, more great food, so eat to your heart’s content.

Sabudana Vada copy

  • A celebration is all about creating memories

 You get back home from a party, marriage reception or a banquet, what’s the first question your mom asks you? “How was the food?” The reason being, great memories are created amidst great food.


  • A food for every occasion 

India is a country that celebrates diversity like no other nation in the world. The reason why it is also home to the most number of foodies. In India there is a delicacy for every festival, be it Modaks for Ganesh Chaturti, Pongal for Til Laddoo, Moong Dal Bhajiya for Navrathri, or the famous Chole Bature for Baisakhi, we have it all. Getting hungry already?


  • A claim to fame 

“Dude, have you tried the Koliwada Fish Fry at Mini Punjab?”

All groups have that one guy who boasts of having been to all the eateries a city has to offer. Why?

Because food generates curiosity like nothing else does and a festival is no different…


  • Talk food and you have all ears 

All discussions regarding food are the most interesting and the most remembered. Why?

Because at the end of the day, we are all foodies that have come together to meet a single objective – eat good food – and festivals are the perfect premise.


  • The Sixth Sense? 

The mind associates festivals with the food that’s served along with it, because it caters to all the five senses at the same time. Remember the Kaju-Katlis and Motichoor Laddoos you had on Diwali?


A shout-out to all the foodies out there. Make the foodie community proud with your food explorations and celebrate the goodness of food, every day of your life.  Also, don’t forget to make the most of the festive season – the delicious food deserve it.

The Story of Koliwada Fish Fry – A Culinary Classic

The Koliwada Fish Fry has become the culinary favourite of food aficionados and connoisseurs alike; leading a taste revolution not only in Mumbai and across Maharashtra, but today spanning many other cities in India and abroad.

However, what many don’t yet realise is that the real originator of this iconic dish is the Mini Punjab Group. The original owners were its true pioneers who began the “Koliwada Fish Fry” taste revolution that singlehandedly made it a national and international favourite.

Although, today, while there are many who serve “Koliwada Jhinga Fry”, Koliwada Rawas Fry”, “Pomfret Fry” among others, those of discerning taste know that there is only one that offers the authentic and original taste of Fish Koliwada – and that is the Mini Punjab Group.

The Founding Fathers

The story of the Koliwada Fish Fry begins with the trauma of partition when Mr. Bahadur Singh crossed over from Pakistani Punjab and made their way first to Amritsar and then on to Mumbai. Like most displaced people, he was searching for a means of re-establishing himself and his family in a new land. With little support or means of sustenance, he turned to what he knew best – cooking.

In the early days, they served just three dishes – Koliwada Rawas Fry, Koliwada Jhinga Fry and Koliwada Pomfret Fry. These were mainly snacks that were packed in leaves and newspapers to be savoured literally as it came out of the pan. The freshness of the fish and its special taste caught on, and the roadside eatery soon became a runaway success.

The business had earned a well established reputation, and for most people, Mini Punjab became synonymous with Koliwada Fish Fry, the dish that became the cornerstone towards the growth of the Mini Punjab Group. Mr. Surjit Singh & Mr. Karnail Singh, the founders of the Group and the creators of the original Koliwada Fish Fry, literally started this revolution on a roadside with a coal fired stove, a frying pan, a secret recipe – that provides the dish with its authentic taste – with a special combination of chosen masalas, special marinade and handpicked fishes, that splendidly comes together to form a special dish that has become a tradition in itself.

The Way Ahead

Today, two generations of the Singh family continue this tradition and have now grown the business to include the finest restaurant chains in Mumbai, one of best outdoor catering service in Mumbai and among the finest in India, prestigious in-house banquets in Powai, along with its well-recognised expertise in managing an assortment of services that makes every occasion, be it marriages, receptions or anniversaries et cetera, all the more memorable and delicious.

Today, the small enterprise that was started in 1951 has come a long way, which all started with the resounding success of Koliwada Fish Fry. The business is now managed by Mr. Surjit Singh and Mr. Karnail Singh, who are ably assisted by their sons Mr. Gurucharan Singh, Mr. Jagjit Singh, Mr. Parvinder Singh, and Mr. Harmeet Singh respectively, who are committed to stay true to Mini Punjab’s authentic taste that has seen it establish itself as a leader in the culinary domain, while also continuing to introduce international favourites along with its own original dishes that’s pivotal to keep growing and improving.

So whenever you get a chance, grab a bite of this iconic dish and taste for yourself what makes it so special.

Choosing the Right Catering & Banquet for a Special Day

blogimg1When it comes to celebrations we are second to none with every occasion seemingly outdoing the previous one in uniqueness, magnitude or diversity. That being the case, we take our special occasions very seriously with meticulous planning and excruciating attention accorded to every aspect driving the occasion.

In furtherance, it is not surprising that finalising on the banquet and catering partner for any occasion becomes all the more crucial towards making an occasion more memorable, be it weddings, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, baby showers, conferences or corporate meets. In our endeavour to script events that creates memories and moments that endures a long time, it is not surprising that the food, service, quality & venue has a major role to play.

In appreciation of this fact, here are some points that will help you in choosing the best catering and banquet partner for your special day.

Choose experience over novelty

Important occasions are not the time to experiment and try something new for a change. It is always advisable to choose experience and tenure over a newcomer who might not be ideally prepared to handle the scale, uniqueness and customisation or have the resources, expertise, know-how required towards making your occasion as seamless, hassle free and memorable as you wish it to be.

Never compromise on taste

Although there are many elements that come together for ablogimg2 successful and unforgettable event, there are many who would vouch for the fact that food and its taste is often the overriding factor that determines how memorable the event turns out to be. Although value and budget would always be among the primary determinant, the quality and taste of the food should never be compromised on, and if possible, should take pre-eminence as it is a special skill that only the most premier partner is endowed with and has a special place in the heart of patrons and visitors. So when it comes down to it, taste, service, quality & venue conquer all.

Choose a one-stop provider for all your requirements

It is practically impossible for an entity to make available all the facilities and requirement you may desire. Nonetheless, it is much better to be dealing and coordinating with as many few vendors as possible. You don’t want yourself to be involved with all the painstaking nitty-gritty involved and thereby miss out on the important moments of the special occasion and rue it in hindsight.

So choose a banquet/catering partner who has the expertise, infrastructure and experience handling all your requirements internally or at least possess the requisite network of resources to be able to offer the majority of your requirement at one place, with a single point of contact delivering on your expectations and constantly guiding & lending a helping hand all the way.

There still remains a plethora of things that could influence your decision, ranging from the occasion you have envisioned, the location, the capacity, menu, budget, availability et cetera, but we hope these three quick pointers will help you be on your way towards realising on your special day and making it the best you can and as per what the day deserves.

Here’s wishing you a great occasion.